More about me

Alexander Zoggolis / Exhibition Design

My task

My task as an exhibition designer is to create unique, attention-grabbing stand architectures according to individual requirements. The main emphasis for my task is ensure a harmonious balance between function and aesthetics so that the stand has a long-lasting effect for our customers.


What gets me excited

An exhibition stand is temporary architecture. This is an invaluable advantage to me as a designer. This is because here, like in no other field, are the latest trends in architecture and interior design so quickly visible and available to experience. The temporary component of stand construction brings with it the need to seek out what’s new and use this to come up with new ideas. This is extremely demanding and is exactly what I expect from an exciting career.


My tip for a successful exhibition stand

Exhibition stands must be functional – without question. However, function should never be at the expense of aesthetics. So my advice is: An exhibition stand should ideally be a perfect balance of function and aesthetics. An exceptional and aesthetically appealing design attracts the attention that exhibitors desire and thus creates real added value for the business.


The story of my best exhibition stand

I once planned a fictitious exhibition stand with a two level design purely for my own interest. I developed an architecture that increasingly fascinated me the more I worked on it. I thought intensively about the basic requirements of my idea and worked out the flow for the many details. The ideas bubbled away and took on a life of their own with every new pixel point set out. I wanted nothing more than to see my fictitious design be constructed for real.

Then a small wonder happened. A short time later an actual request for a two level stand came into the office. Immediately I thought of my sleeping “baby” in the drawer... I modified, adapted, integrated and transferred my beloved idea to match the requested specification. When presented with the concept, the customer expressed immediate enthusiasm and tasked us with making the exhibition stand a reality. This was a real highlight for me!


Exhibition stand construction for me is....

the constant search for inspiration.