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Sweet seduction in its pure form: Kronenbrot and Konditorei Oebel present their new creations at the ISM in Cologne.

A trade fair stand with two faces: on one side of the stand there is a wintry atmosphere. The Oebel Confectionery presents its traditional Christmas stollen with nutty almonds and the finest aromas. For Oebel, the ISM is an annual home game - because the confectionery is only five kilometres away from the trade fair.

Last trade fair preparations by the exhibitors' team.
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On the other hand, the 68 m² exhibition stand shows its summery, light-flooded face. Here the exhibitor Kronenbrot presents its bread creations filled with blueberry, chocolate and almonds. Happy are the visitors from Germany and the whole world, who can taste the delicious delicacies in the stand interior. In planning the trade fair stand, we again worked very successfully with the Melters advertising agency (as we did at Anuga 2017), which is also in charge of the exhibitors' other advertising appearances.

The ISM 2018 took place from 29 January to 1 February in Cologne. With 1,647 exhibitors and around 38,000 visitors from all over the world, the fair is the undisputed leading trade fair for the confectionery industry. According to Kronenbrot and Konditorei Oebel, the trade fair participation was very successful.

Text: Petra Hallmann