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Around 7,400 exhibitors from 107 countries will be making sure that halls are fully booked at the world's largest food fair in Cologne. We are responsible for the realisation of five remarkable brand presentations and thus cover almost 500 m² of exhibition space. Bread and bakery products, fish, meat, the trend topic "Food to Go" and food logistics: these are the decisive topics for which we at Anuga are responsible.

A trade fair stand like a bakery: Kronenbrot

For the first time this year, the exhibitor Kronenbrot relied on our expertise. The 68 m² stand captivates with its cosy, harmonious effect and the wonderfully fragrant bread, which is lavishly decorated. We were able to taste bread and Christmas stollen and were simply thrilled.

In the last few hours before the start of the trade fair, there will be eager decoration at the stand.

Community booth for bread and bakery products

The joint stand of the five exhibitors Austerschmidt, Bakery&Food, Almondy, Vittles and Gourmet Desserts will also be devoted to the art of baking. On 157 m², besides bread, colourful and seductive confectionery art is on display. Our team had to struggle with the hunger for chocolate during the processing and assembly of the wonderful confectionery images.

Fine-tuning for the joint stand.

Cuisine as a highlight at Rari's stand

The 138 m² stand of the exhibitor Rari is all about quality in fish and meat. The large, rustic tables are already awaiting the numerous visitors, who are served freshly here with the best Rari products from the show kitchen. The culinary art of the gourmet chef, who is present at the fair, is already enjoying great popularity with our assembly team on the day before the fair.

Traditionally, everything at Rari is about hospitality.

Expertise in meat: Mattfeld

Meat and logistics are the focus of the 64 m² trade fair presentation at the exhibitor Mattfeld.  A large graphic with a container ship and the cabin disguised as a cargo container convey a cool maritime harbor atmosphere.  If you lean on the specially built Dalbe as a visitor, the illusion is perfect and you could almost feel the feeling of fresh sea breeze.

Port feeling at the Mattfeld stand.

Nordfrost trade fair stand: The world's sixth-largest retailer of frozen foods

On its 66 m² exhibition stand, Nordfrost will be informing visitors about its core area of deep-freeze logistics with transport, transshipment, storage, import/export, distribution and meat processing. This year, the new product line consisting of ice cubes, crushed ice and tubular ice will also be presented to the interested public. Objective clarity and hospitality are the hallmarks of Nordfrost's trade fair concept.

Nordfrost's exhibition stand is being set up.

Text: Petra Hallmann