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We asked ourselves in the team: If you could only give the exhibitors one tip for a successful trade fair stand - what tip would that be in your opinion?

Here are our answers:


1st tip: "Think about the end right from the start: reserve enough time for careful planning of your trade fair design".

- This basic tip from Petra. Learn more here.


2nd tip: "Let your trade fair stand be a place of well-being too."

- This is an essence from the great design experience of Eva-Maria. Read on here.

Here you can feel that the topic of hospitality is important for the exhibitor.
© by hallmann messebau + design


3rd tip: "Skilful lighting is always a strong partner for effective trade fair presentations."

- This is the credo of the company founder on the subject of trade fair design. Find out more here.

Architecture and light form a strong symbiosis.
© by hallmann messebau + design


Tip 4: "Experience how great trade fair design can be if you don't put it on the short leash of only functional equipment!"

- You can read more about this thought by our designer Alexander here.


Tip 5: "Plan trade fair magnets".​​​​​​​

- This tip is from Alexandra, Team Project Management, learn more here.

An extremely attractive trade fair magnet: A converted delivery van becomes an eye-catcher and attraction for friends of good taste.
© by hallmann messebau + design



Tip 6: "How to tell whole stories in under two seconds at the fair? Put your money on pictures!​​​​​​​

- Anja - Team Project Management - can tell you about this. Read more here.

This very successful large graphic gives a feeling of space, symbolizes team spirit and tells the story of the products in use. The exhibitor's employees were available as models.
© by hallmann messebau + design



Tip 7: "If you want to inspire, you have to offer something new. Be brave!"​​​​​​​

-As an assembly supervisor, Daniel sees a lot and can compare. Read more here.


Tip 8: "Show me your target group and I'll tell you what your ideal trade fair stand looks like!”​​​​​​​

- This tip comes from Martin, Project Management Team. Find out more here.

For discerning visitors from industry: a tidy lounge with far-sightedness - thanks to the double floor.
© by hallmann messebau + design


Tip 9: "Less is more: That also applies to trade fair design."​​​​​​​

- Even as a master carpenter, Thomas makes things as simple as possible - but never simpler. Find out more.

An example of a tidy and effective product presentation.
© by hallmann messebau + design


Tip 10: "Reserve enough time the evening before the fair."

- As an experienced installation manager, Jörg knows from many stand handovers how important the internal organisation of the exhibitors is for the success of the trade fair. More information here.​​​​​​​


Text nach Interview: Petra Hallmann

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