More about me

Martin Ley / Project Management

My responsibilities

As project manager, I integrate all project-related information from our customer, the exhibition, all involved contractors and internal departments in order to optimally manage the project.  I feel the term “melting pot” is therefore a very fitting description of my work. I also have a special affinity for all technical aspects of my job.


What I enjoy most about my job

My range of duties are very eventful, colourful and multi-facetted – a dynamic that I like very much.  I also happy when a project has been successfully completed and the customer has been able to achieve what they wanted from the exhibition with our help.  


My tip for perfect brand placement 

In the information age and on the fierce battle ground of the exhibition markets, bold, information-rich advertising message do not suffice to win new customers or keep existing customers loyal to your business. This is because: Without emotion, it is easily forgotten! For example, if you would like to advertise an innovative product at the exhibition then the architecture of the stand itself should be innovative. The ambiance of the space affects how your target group perceives it. It is important to thoroughly understand the value and needs of your target group when coming up with a concept for your stand. It is these that form the starting point for a design that has an emotional appeal and positively differentiates itself in this respect.


The story of my best exhibition stand

One of our customers makes appearances at multiple trade shows around the world each year. This customer looked after the on site assembly himself. In order to ensure a uniform and consistent image for his brand appearance, he left the development the exhibition stand design to us. We would sometimes see the actual realisation of our designs if the customer sent us a photograph. But this kind of project is effectively completed for us once the planning is done.

I was even happier though when, instead of a photograph of the most recent stand, the customer sent us a document. This document was a certificate informing us that our stand design in Dubai had won the customer an award. Wow!

I printout out the certificate and framed it and ceremoniously handed it over to our new award winner Alexander, who had developed the design.


Exhibition stand construction for me is....

my lifeblood!