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Business space facilities: Waiting in style

Designing a lounge waiting room with a feel-good guarantee

Customers coming to have their cars repaired at S.R.C. in Münster are provided with a very special service. Whilst their car is being repaired in the workshop, customers can enjoy a drink of their choosing. And so that the atmosphere gives off a sense of comfort, the waiting area has been redesigned as an inviting lounge with comfortable seating and bright accented lighting. The choice of colours and materials emphasises the comfort factor. This is waiting in style.



The company: S·R·C Smart Repair Center

The Smart Repair Center has an especially good instinct for customer needs and service that they demonstrate by making the waiting time for customers as pleasant as possible. Here in Münster, all services related to smart repair and vehicle preparation are on offer.

Key facts

Customer S·R·C Smart Repair Center I Sector Automotive I Business space furnishings 2016, Münster I Distinctive feature Making customers feel valued by designing an inviting business space I Lead time 4 months Design 4 revision cycles I Exhibition design, project management, production, assembly hallmann Messebau-Gesellschaft I Photos Daniel Davertzhofen


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