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How can one person alone lift a wooden board with a weight of almost 200 kg and dimensions of 5.6 m x 2 m? A look in our workshop will reveal the secret.

Before a component is turned into something that will eventually be used at the exhibition, a few things need to be done. Our wood supplier delivered the raw material. This is generally 19 mm thick chipboard covered in plastic of the desired colour. The largest of these boards have dimensions measuring 5.6 x 2 m. These unprocessed boards are piled up on palettes.

Boards must be moved to the saw to be worked. But how do they get there? This step in the process usually requires two strong men. With just a little imagination it is obvious that this lifting work is not particularly popular - and there is often a lot more than just one single board to be worked.

Fortunately for our colleagues, our workshop now possesses a vacuum board lifter. This makes it easy for a single plate to be moved by one person. This short film shows you how it works.

Video: Daniel Davertzhofen, Text: Petra Hallmann