More about me

Bruno Hallmann / Founder & Business Management

My role within the business

As founder of the business 45 years ago, I now see myself as a mentor, offering advice based on my long and extensive experience. I am a point of contact for any questions and concerns that anyone in the whole team may have - and of course my two daughters.


What I love about exhibition stand construction

I used to particularly enjoy planning and designing the stands. What I find fascinating is how shapes, colours and materials are actively combined in ever new ways. I would dive so deeply into everything going on that the creative process would continue in my mind even after I had fallen asleep.  The basic ideas for some exhibition stand designs came from my dreams!

Today I am excited to be helping the business through its transformation process. The challenges of the future must also be overcome!


My tip for a successful exhibition stand

Light is an aesthetic and very effective design medium for exhibition stands. Light accentuates spaces and creates atmosphere. Light can make exhibits look spectacular. Some slick and effective lighting breathes life into the exhibition architecture and awakens people’s emotions. The light source itself can be an assertive design object. Therefore, my tip for a successful exhibition stand: You can never have too much light on an exhibition stand. Harness the fascinating power of light!


My greatest experience

The exhibition experience which left the greatest impression on me was our stand in Baltimore, USA. The logistics of preparing for the event represented a real challenge here – and it was a huge shock when we heard that our ship had encountered difficulties at sea and lost some of its containers... but the story had a happy end for us. We travelled there with our assembly team and used the duration of the exhibition as a holiday. It was a great stand and an overall highly enriching experience!


Exhibition stand construction for me is....

my life’s work.