More about me

Eva-Maria Hallmann / Business Management

My area of responsibilities

I hold the reins in my hand and have an overview of the various processes of our company. This means that I’m well-prepared for the operative and strategic decisions that come up on a daily basis.

I am also active in customer consultancy. Personal contact with my contact partners is very important to me. My many years of experience are a rich resource that I am happy to make available. Alongside my wealth of experience, it is still important to delve into the detail of each individual project and to collect all available information. In doing so, I immerse myself in the materials. It is inspiring to develop new and compelling answers to the challenges posed.


What I find fascinating about my tasks

Architecture, art, design, colours, shapes, materials, textures – these have always been some of my favourite things. Many elements and aspects of this aesthetic world can be found again in exhibition stand construction. I find this ability to combine my interests harmoniously and perfectly with my tasks very rewarding.


My tip for a successful exhibition stand

Consider your stand concept from the perspective of your visitors

A stand should be designed so that the visitors will notice it in an environment that is saturated with information and then visit it out of curiosity. The exhibition design and the presentation of products must surprise and inspire, and the essential information must be featured in an interesting and relevant way. The visitor must enjoy visiting the exhibition stand and must immediately feel welcomed and find orientation. Good exhibition design promotes the visitor’s feeling of well-being, thus contributing significantly to the positive perception of the products offered and thereby to the success of the overall exhibition presence.

This sounds simple but is a real challenge in practice.


Exhibition stand construction for me is...

a quarter of a century of idealism in prudent responsibility.