More about me

Petra Hallmann / Business Management

My responsibilities

As the visionary within our management team, I am well trained in marketing and taking care of new customers.

I am the first point of contact for our new customers and the exhibition projects they are planning. I develop a precise image of the company, their market position and products or services through face to face meetings and doing my own research. Together with my contacts I look into the specifics and put together a model of the target group that is as precise as possible. And the key question: what vision is it that should be realised at the exhibition with our help? The answers to my questions are the first important foundation for a successful exhibition architecture.


What I enjoy most about my job

I can really feel the pulse of the economy!

Through talking with our customers I often get to see behind the scenes of what is going on. I learn a lot about the sheer commitment that goes into the development of a product as it is innovations are often the focus of exhibition appearances. I hear stories of failure and recovery, of doubt and success. I gain deep insights into the things that define and drive businesses in different sectors.

Exhibitions themselves are the pulsating heart of the sector where the strongest see how they measure up against each other. It is exactly here where we play our part to ensure the best come together successfully. Achieving this goal is what motivates me.


My tip for a successful exhibition stand

If possible, put aside time to carefully plan your stand. Good ideas are possible when time is short, but the best ideas come about as part of a process that is based on mutual trust. It is therefore worthwhile for exhibitors to invest the time from the start. This will always pay off later.


My stand construction story

I grew up with trade fair construction: As a child I played in the sawdust of the workshop, and sometimes I accompanied my father out to the stands for the trade fair. I earned my driver's license by cleaning our system material. Later on, I carried out acquisition activities with a telex teleprinter (who still knows them, these devices where they work with these paper tape?) and during the course of my studies, I did the post-calculation of the trade fair projects.

I was lucky - I got to know the dynamic world of trade fair construction very early in my life. And so I decided to choose a career that would challenge me again and again throughout my life. However, I was not yet supposed to realize that this was supposed to be the trade fair stand construction itself and so I initially orientated myself differently. But after my studies I returned to the family business - a very good decision, because together and in the trusting relationship with each other we can shape and move a lot. So I can say that exhibition stand construction is a big part of my personal history.


Exhibition stand construction for me is....

an extreme, fast-paced, crazy, dynamic, colourful, complex and challenging sector that you either love or go to great lengths to avoid. I chose the first option!