HMM | RehaCare | 70 m²

A fast-paced exhibition appearance

How fast billing solutions can be turned into an experience for exhibition visitors

What do Formula 1 and billing software have in common? That right: they both operate at high speed The HMM exhibition stand at RehaCare in Düsseldorf revolved around speed. The stand is inspired by Formula 1 down to the smallest details - such as the black and white chequered flags, the real light signals, the long skid marks on the ground and the large stack of tyres and oil cans around the edges. A driving simulator inside a model Formula 1 racing car with HMM branding provides an additional attraction. Visitors can experience a thrilling race around a track with HMM advertising along the sides - and with a small prize for the winners. 

HMM’s objective for the stand was to allow visitors to feel the speed of supply and billing whilst fitting with the CI. The exhibition stand achieved this goal. The company said: “REHACARE was very successful for HMM.”


The Rehacare Fair

Rehacare is internationally the most important trade show for the core segment of care and rehabilitation, inclusion and prevention. It takes place each year in Düsseldorf, focussing on the specialist medical and sanitary trade, on clinics, care homes, funding agencies and universities. The doors of Rehacare are also open to the general public for anyone interested.


About the exhibitor HMM 

Founded in 2006, HMM Deutschland GmbH based in Moers is an IT company with around 150 employees. It develops innovative supply and billing solutions for the health sector. Their company motto “Best in eHealth” makes clear what they do:  More than 40 health insurers with around 13,000 service providers use its healthcare platform to delivers services to customers.


Key facts

Exhibitor HMM Deutschland GmbH I Sector Payment solution software for the healthcare sector I Exhibition RehaCare 2014, Düsseldorf I Stand size 70 m² I Distinctive feature Formula 1 stand theme I Lead time 6 months I Design 3 revision cycles I Exhibition design, project management, production, assembly hallmann Messebau-Gesellschaft I Photos Martin Gaissert 


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