More about me

Thomas Rauh / Operations Manager

My responsibilities

As operations manager, my duties are wide ranging. They cover administrative and coordination tasks, logistics and procurement of materials through to the actual implementation of projects. I’ll give you an idea of the key elements of what I do: During concept development I review the various ideas for their technical feasibility. I then work on putting together the implementation plan and produce cutting lists to send to my colleague’s in production. I monitor production myself and make sure I am happy with the delivered quality. It is very important to me that all necessary measures are taken to ensure a safe working environment is maintained. I do not tolerate any negligence in this potentially dangerous area. This applies of course also to the exhibition venue itself where our assembly teams work. It’s always a challenge to ensure our teams remain motivated, particularly during the busiest season, so that they always give their best. 

What I enjoy most about my job

The sheer variety of what I do! When I come up against technically demanding tasks, the carpenter in me gets very excited and everything is just perfect.


My tip for a successful exhibition stand

Too many stimuli are proven to have a negative effect on trade show visitors. I therefore recommend a “less is more” approach. An ambitious stand architecture in combination with perfectly targeted advertising messages is, to my mind, the right mix.


My most wonderful stand construction story

Like many other boys, as a child I dreamt of driving a fire engine. But I become a carpenter instead... Then in 2016 we constructed a stand at the Interschutz trade fair that presented 25 fire engines. Because none of the drivers trusted themselves to move the huge vehicles over the floor covering without causing it to crumple up, the task of getting them in place fell to me.

Who would have thought that working in exhibition stand construction would have let me realise a childhood dream?


Exhibition stand construction for me is....

always something new. Why? New customers, new venues, new materials, new designs, new dimensions.