Greif | Interpack | 360 m²

An exhibition stand that improves the environment

Sustainability as a central statement

Visitors to the Greif stand were truly felt like they had been carried away into an entirely different world. In the middle of the exhibition the air was suddenly beautifully fresh. A light refreshing breeze could be felt. Visitors heard a pleasant sound like that of warm summer rain.

The reason for the positive change in the climate was two impressive passageways formed by six-metre high free-falling walls of water . Passing through the water passages, visitors are steering towards the concealed and slightly raised centre of the stand.

Here there was a gnarled and overhanging amelanchier bush with comfortable seating arranged around it. Taking a look around, visitors could see that the huge ceiling suspended above their heads had discreet video content projected onto it. After so much excitement, the refreshments and culinary treats provided by the friendly hostesses are just what was needed.

The gnarled amelanchier bush was planted in the grounds at Greif’s premises in Cologne after the exhibition was over.



The task for the exhibition stand: A premium experience

The stand for the world leader in industrial packaging should reflect its first class customer services as well as the high quality of its products, its global market position and its environmental and social responsibilities. At the same time the stand must provide an impressive space for information and conversation. Greif’s stand should be a premium brand experience.


About the exhibitor Greif

Greif Inc. is headquartered in the USA and is the world’s leading provider of industrial packaging. Founded in 1877, the company today has around 13,000 employees with production sites in over 55 countries.

The Interpack Fair

Interpack takes places every three years in Düsseldorf. It is the world’s largest and most important trade show for the packaging industry. Fully booked with 2700 exhibitors, the show is internationally oriented - in 2014, 66% of visitors came from abroad. Companies from 120 countries benefited from getting a unique overview of the market. An “outstanding atmosphere” was present among the exhibitors according to the closing report. 


Success of the exhibition stand

Antoine Cisek, Greif CEO, said about the stand: "The booth definitely impresses our customers and they will associated the premium quality of the booth with the Greif brand. This is a success. Thank you."  


Key facts

Exhibitor Greif Inc. I Sector Packaging I Exhibition Interpack 2014, Düsseldorf I Stand size 360 m², corner stand I Distinctive feature Two 6-metre high waterfall passages and a bush I Lead time 10 months I Design 7 revision cycles I Exhibition design, project management, production, assembly hallmann Messebau-Gesellschaft I Photos Martin Gaissert


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